APP For Your Website With Your OWN Custom Ads Control
(Price starting from just $100)


Do you want to display your own custom Ads in your APP rather than just Facebook & Google Ads ? If you wanna display your own custom Ads then you are at right place. Thats what we make easy and secured. We have secure interconnected system that helps you to manage everything easily.
We can easily convert your Website made using any CMS (WordPress, Joomla...) or Framework (Laravel, Django, Express, Rails...) into APP through API. We have some standard design ready to Roll-Out on Google Play Store(Android) & Apple App Store(IOS).

Features & Services

WordPress Plugin

WordPress verified plugin to notify APP user whenever new post is added.
Download (ARROWDAN Notifier)

Ads Control

Manage your own Ads. Create what you want to display. Simple and Secure control system.

Featured APP

Our all APP support offline post auto-save, favourite list, post according to category.

Customize APP

APP can be customized and new features can be added as per your requirement.

Value for Money

No more extra charges. Select best plan for you and pay as you go. For more pricing detail Click Here

Continuous Improvement

Delivering one time is not our prime object. We conitnuously research and enhance APP in every update.