Plan Silver Gold Platinum Basic(No Ads)
Initial Payment $100 $200 $500 $250
Renew(For Custom Ads Only) No Charges $10/Monthly $20/Monthly No Charges
Membership Normal Premium Premium --
Ads Control System No Yes Yes --
Ads Type ARROWDAN Ads Your OWN Custom Ads but ARROWDAN Ads if not renewed Your OWN Custom Ads but no Ads if not renewed No Ads
Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firebase & Analytics Access No On Request On Request On Request
Additional Bandwidth Not Required If you exceed inital bandwidth (3GB), then it must be increased and will be charged according to the usage Not Required
Google Dev Account Shared Shared Private (Initial Only) Shared
Note: All plan, google dev account can be upgraded to private with additional cost ($50)

Available Modules

Modules Features Price Offer
Date Converter (For Nepal Only)
  • Calendar View
  • Convert AD to BS
  • Convert BS to AD
$30/LifeTime 50% off till October 2020
Weather Forecast
  • Hourly/Daily Forecast
  • Updates every minute
  • Auto-Save offline
  • Fixed location data
$70/LifeTime 50% off till October 2020
Live Radio
  • Notification bar control
  • Lock Screen Control
  • Play on Background
  • Easy user control
$90/LifeTime 50% off till October 2020